Doylestown Airport
Doylestown Airport is a public general aviation airport located approximately three miles north of Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. More...
We Do CHARTER Flights
Think back to your last business trip… Did you leave your house or your office hours before departure? Did you have to drive to an airport, park your car, and then wait in a long line to check in? Did you have to drive to an airport, park your car, and then wait in a long line to check in? Was your flight delayed? More...
Aero Party
Turn your party into an adventure – an aero adventure! AeroParty offers both youth and adult groups a fun, wholesome experience with an aviation and aerospace theme. More...
Aero Camp 2014
AeroCamp is designed to give young people a unique opportunity to explore the vast and exciting world of aviation and aerospace at their local airport. More...
Aero Solo
AeroSolo is designed to give people of all ages, the opportunity to become educated about the exciting world of aviation, aerospace and flight. More...
Adventure Flight
This one on one flight adventure will let you experience flying from the left seat. The flight includes a prefight discussion with our FAA certified flight instructor, one hour of actual flight time and a post flight discussion. On that day you will receive a first flight certificate. More...
Discovery Flight
This flight included a preflight discussion with the instructor, thirty minutes of actual flight time, and a post flight discussion with the instructor. More...
Flight School Association of North America
The owner of Leading Edge Aviation, Inc. is a founding member of the FSANA and currently sits on the board of directors. More...

Current Weather

Temperature:22F (-6C)
Dewpoint:14F (-10C)
Wind:12 mph
Wind Gust:17 mph
Pressure:29.84 in.
Visibility:9 SM
Ceiling:3300 feet
as of2/11/16 05:54 UTC