Instructor Bios

Ratings: CFI, CFII
Availability: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
Years of experience flying: 3 years
About: From a young age Alexey has always found an interest in aviation, as aviation was always in the Bocharnikov household. Upon completing college, Alexey finally had the ability to turn his aviation dreams into a reality. Completing all of his flight training at Leading Edge Aviation, Alexey is now a Certified Flight Instructor and a Certified Flight Instrument Instructor helping the newer generation reach the skies with safety being the number one priority.

Ratings: CFI, CFII
Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Years of experience flying: 4 years
About: Keith is a Certified Flight Instructor who gained a love for aircraft and flying at a young age. After graduating high school in 2015, he entered the family plumbing business and proceeded to spend nearly a decade in the industry. While working as a plumber, he began flying part-time and working toward his Pilot’s License so he could eventually fly his friends on snowboarding trips to Vermont. Part-time quickly turned into full-time, and soon after he acquired his Flight Instructor Certificate with an Instrument add-on. Keith has also enjoyed backpacking solo through various countries in Asia and South America, and usually spends his free time nowadays staying active with his young kids and Border Collie, Riley.

Ratings: CFI
Availability: Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays & Sundays
Years of experience flying: 23 years
About: Dennis started flying in 1997 and earned his Private Pilot certificate 11 months later in March 1998. He obtained his instrument rating in the fall of 2002. In March 2004 he added the commercial certificate in the spring of 2004; added ground instructor later that summer, and in February 2006 earned his CFI certificate.
Since 2003, he has flown as a volunteer pilot for Angel Flight East, carrying patients and their companions to and from medical care in places distant from Doylestown like Boston, Pittsburgh, Akron, Charlottesville, and others.
He will not go to the airlines – he would rather let the younger instructors build their time for that goal. He usually will fill in for them while they fly charter flights, when able to do so during the week. Most of his flying and instructing is on weekends, but he is available Monday mornings, Tuesday evenings, and other time by appointment.
Motto: A good pilot (and instructor) is always learning, and always strives to be proficient.

Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Years of experience flying: 24 years
About: Jonathan started his aviation life when he was 13. Attending college at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, he quickly acquired all his airplane category certifications before graduation. His flight experience is diverse from recreational flying to flight instructing, acrobatic and upset attitude instructor, banner towing, jump pilot, and Northwest Airlines ground instructor for B757. After a hiatus from flying to pursue other career opportunities, he is back to flight instructing. He currently doesn’t have any plans on pursuing a full time airline or aviation career and remains dedicated to educating and fostering a new generation of pilots.

Some days may only have partial or variable availability, but remains flexible.

Ratings: CFI
Availability: Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays
Years of experience flying: 13 years
About: Manoj loves to fly to new places and explore small towns and villages. He has flown to various destinations in the Eastern, Mid Western and Southern US and in the Caribbean. Manoj teaches flying to share the freedom and joy of flying. Manoj can be available at other times per request of the student.

Ratings: CFI, CFII
Availability: Wednesdays & Sundays
Years of experience flying: 40 years
About: Michael Stadelmaier received his private pilot certificate at age 21 and enjoyed taking trips and flying with friends and family. One of his favorite destinations was Block Island, off the coast of Rhode Island because it was so easy and convenient to reach by private plane. Michael also frequently took friends down the Hudson River to view the Statue of Liberty and World Trade Center. After returning from living overseas, Michael resumed flying at Doylestown in 2010. Since then, he has obtained his Instrument Rating, Commercial Certificate, CFI and CFII.
Michael received his B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University in 1980. After 40-year career in the chemical industry, Michael retired from BASF Corporation in 2020 in order to devote more time and energy to flying and instruction.