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Leading Edge Aviation – Dedicated to Leaders
Think back to your last business trip… Did you leave your house or your office hours before departure? Did you have to drive to an airport, park your car, and then wait in a long line to check in? Was your flight delayed? When you finally arrived at your destination did you have to travel by car or cab to the meeting site?

Leading Edge Aviation can offer a better way. A charter flight can get you there quickly, easily, and on your schedule.

Convenient & Reliable
A charter flight departs from a local airport just minutes from your home or business. You will arrive closer to your destination than if you used a commercial airline. Plus, your charter waits for you and your associates; we leave when you are ready. Cancellations and delays are virtually non-existent.

Why Fly?
Your business meeting may be accomplished in one day. You save time and money by avoiding an overnight stay. We can also fly your cargo safely and with no delays.

Why Fly Alone?
Prepare for your meeting on the way to the meeting. Take up to six associates on the charter flight for the same price.

Experienced & Professional Staff
Our pilots receive the same training and achieve the same certification as commercial airline crews. Our staff will work to accommodate your special needs.

Don’t Just Charter For Business
Golf weekends without driving for hours. Ski vacations at the best destinations. We can help you enjoy your leisure time too.

Leading Edge Aviation has been providing exceptional service since 1993, just ask our repeat customers.

During this unprecedented COVID time, a charter is the safest way to travel by air, and will minimize your exposure to infection. Your aircraft will be waiting when you arrive at the airport. You will go directly from your car or other ground transportation into your aircraft without any delays, and the same at your destination. Our aircraft are cleaned and sanitized for each flight.