Dennis Mood – Part-Time Flight Instructor

I started flying in 1997, and earned my Private Pilot certificate 11 months later in March 1998. Happy to fly VR only for a while, weather eventually got the better of me, so I pursued my instrument rating in the summer/fall of 2002. In March 2004 I added my commercial certificate in the spring of 2004; added ground instructor later that summer, and in February 2006 earned my CFI certificate.

As an older flight instructor it is not my intent to head to the airlines – I choose to let the younger instructors build their time for that goal. I usually will fill in for them while they fly charter flights, when I am able to do so during the week. Most of my flying and instructing is on weekends. Since 2003, I have flown as a volunteer pilot for Angel Flight East, carrying patients and their companions to and from medical care in places distant form Doylestown like Boston, Pittsburgh, Akron, Charlottesville, VA, and others. I also fly the public on open house weekend with the Doylestown Pilots Association.