Dennis Mood 

Ratings: CFI
Availability: Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays & Sundays
Years of experience flying: 23 years
About: Dennis started flying in 1997 and earned his Private Pilot certificate 11 months later in March 1998. He obtained his instrument rating in the fall of 2002. In March 2004 he added the commercial certificate in the spring of 2004; added ground instructor later that summer, and in February 2006 earned his CFI certificate.
Since 2003, he has flown as a volunteer pilot for Angel Flight East, carrying patients and their companions to and from medical care in places distant from Doylestown like Boston, Pittsburgh, Akron, Charlottesville, and others.
He will not go to the airlines – he would rather let the younger instructors build their time for that goal. He usually will fill in for them while they fly charter flights, when able to do so during the week. Most of his flying and instructing is on weekends, but he is available Monday mornings, Tuesday evenings, and other time by appointment.
Motto: A good pilot (and instructor) is always learning, and always strives to be proficient.