Robert Meditz

Ratings: CFI
Availability: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Friday, Saturdays & Sundays
Years of experience flying: 10 years
About: Back in 2010, Robert had the opportunity to go for his first flight lesson. From that moment on aviation became a huge part of his life and in August of 2012, he made his first solo flight. In October of 2014, he obtained his private pilot certificate through Leading Edge Aviation. Realizing even more how important aviation was to him and that he wanted to make a career out of flying, He decided to attend Lehigh Carbon Community College to pursue an associate’s degree in professional pilot to help him get through his flight ratings even faster. In May of 2016, he earned his instrument rating and shortly afterwards in November of 2016, he earned his multi-engine commercial pilot rating. In February of 2017 he earned his single engine commercial rating. In February of 2019, he reached a huge milestone in his aviation career when he received his Certified Flight Instructor Certificate which enabled him to graduate with his associate’s degree in Professional Pilot. Currently he’s a part time student at Penn State Abington where he’s pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business. His ultimate goal is to become a pilot for Southwest Airlines where one of his friends currently works.