Marcel Bisschops – Private Pilot

I started flying in 1981 in Canada, and earned my Private Certificate shortly thereafter at Shannon Airport in Downingtown, PA. Together with my wife, we started enjoying the travel opportunities my pilot’s certificate offered, and we eventually bought our first airplane – a Cherokee – in 1994. After getting my Instrument rating, and an upgrade to a Cherokee 6, we started going on longer trips, including Canada, Texas, and multiple trips to the Bahama’s and the Virgin Islands. Next was the Commercial Certificate, followed quickly by CFI and CFII. Leading Edge offered me the opportunity to start teaching on weekends, and I have enjoyed doing that ever since. Some of my past students have entered professional flying careers, others are still enjoying the $100 hamburgers. I am also a Multi Engine pilot and instructor, and regularly fly a Navajo around the East Coast. Recently I started building an airplane as well.

Teaching has been very rewarding, and a true learning experience. My teaching style is focused on setting expectations with clear plans, honest feedback, hands on and realistic experience, learning from mistakes, and most importantly, enjoyment and fun.

Aviation is my passion, and as I get closer to retirement from a corporate career, I hope to spend more and more time flying my Cherokee, teaching, and building the airplane.