Alec Thayer

Ratings: CFI
Availability: Tuesday
Years of experience flying: 5 years
About: My journey with aviation began with stories from my grandfather of his time in WWII as a B-26 Captain and P47 pilot. Wanting to follow in his footsteps I decided one day I would learn to fly, I didn’t know when but eventually I started as a drone pilot working in the cinematography and inspection fields, and worked as an operator at keystone aerial survey. I found Legacy and got my private license in 2018. Since then I’ve always looked forward to flying anything I can and have gained experience in over 40 aircraft ranging from homebuilt aerobatic planes and seaplanes to antique warbirds. Almost half of my time is in a tailwheel aircraft such as a Citabria or a Maule. I enjoy any excuse to fly whether that’s working on the next rating or flying foster animals to new homes with non-profit groups. I am currently working on my ATP rating while also teaching tailwheel and seaplane courses. I look forward to giving other pilots these unique experiences.